Nomad Brush: A Portrait

16 May, 2011

Nomad Brush presents artist David Kassan at The Art Students League of New York


Macworld Review

07 May, 2011

The experience of "painting" on a super-smooth screen takes some getting used to, but the NomadBrush feels very natural, and when using the right digital brush in your art program, the results are stunning....The NomadBrush is a beautifully constructed stylus, resembling a fine watercolor brush, and it makes painting on the iPad a delight. 

-Macworld Review

01 May, 2011

“If you are looking for the best experience working with creative apps on an iPad or other touch screen device, stop searching and order the Nomad Brush. How does it perform? From the moment I grazed my iPad screen with the Nomad Brush, I was in love! This brush--you really shouldn't call it a stylus--is a dream to paint with. Overall Rating: 10/10.”

iLounge - First Look

01 May, 2011

"Digital painters, rejoice: now there's a paintbrush designed specifically to interact with the iPad's screen....It's a very nice design, comfortable in the hand, and does exactly what you'd expect it to do."

Tom and Scott Podcast Review

01 May, 2011

“It’s amazing… and very cool to play with and use. It’s a more natural way to paint. The bristles just glide across the glass…it’s amazing.”

-Tom and Scott Podcast

Illustration Toolbox

01 May, 2011

"Overall, I would say that Don Lee has developed a very solid and useable creative tool to compliment any mobile arsenal. The Nomad Brush provides a nice bridge between the feel of analog while working digitally on the go using mobile devices."

Illustration Toolbox

iPad Creative Review

01 May, 2011

"Short version - it's awesome, seriously awesome! When you first hold the Nomad Brush it doesn't seem like a revolutionary input device. Its wood and bristles feel, well, like a paintbrush. But what was immediately apparent about the Nomad Brush is the quality of its construction....[W]e started 'painting' with the Nomad Brush and the smile didn't leave our face from that moment on..."

iPad Accessories Review

01 May, 2011

 "The Nomad Brush literally is a dream come true. We’ve extensively tested it and are continually astounded at how well it works. The brush is very responsive, in seconds I found myself painting with smooth flowing strokes on the iPad like I never dreamed. The feel is just amazing, there is no resistance, no friction, just smooth, zen-like painting....The amount of accuracy and control the Nomad Brush offers is perfect. The smooth flowing feel makes painting on the iPad easier than ever...I don’t know how I ever lived without my Nomad Brush. Check it out for yourself and prepare to be amazed!"


Mashable Review

01 May, 2011

 "[The Nomad Brush is a] beautiful, handcrafted stylus designed for painting and sketching on the iPad. The stylus feels and looks like an actual paintbrush…. It allows for free-flowing brush strokes much like a real paintbrush, and an elegance of line I was previously unable to achieve using my fingers or a regular stylus."


David Kassan - Thoughts on the Nomad Brush

01 May, 2011

 "I was excited to try out the Nomad Brush and a little skeptical at first since it sound a little too good to be true that I could actually use a brush to paint with on the iPad. I immediately tried it out and fell in love. It has such a sensitive touch and is super responsive. There is none of the friction and rubbing that you have with a rubber tipped stylus."

David Kassan, Artist