Nomad Brush Introduces the First Paintbrush Stylus Designed Just for Kids

21 November, 2011

Today’s tech-savvy and on-the-go families are always on the lookout for tools that encourage creativity, learning, and self-expression. Today, Nomad Brush introduces the latest product in its series of critically acclaimed products: The Nomad Play™, the first paintbrush stylus designed and scaled just for kids. 

Not Your Parents’ Stylus

The Nomad Play™ is handcrafted from maple, with a soft, rubber ferrule that won’t scratch the screen, and a contoured grip for little hands for easy art creation. It comes in four unique designs and colors engraved with playful graphics inspired by — and for — kids ages 3 to 8 who love to create: Astro (blue), Serengeti (yellow), Fireball (red), and Ivy (green). The Nomad Play™ is available today for $18 at