• What are the dimensions?

Compose Series Long/Short:  7.5" L x 0.25" dia.

Nomad Play: 5" L x 0.7" dia. (max)

Nomad FLeX:  6.25" L x 0.25" dia.

Nomad Mini 2:  6" L x 0.75" dia. (max) and 0.40" dia. (min)

  • How long are the Bristles?

Long Tip:  0.6"

Short Tip:  0.4" 

Glide Bevel Tip: 0.05"

Nomad Play: 0.5"

Nomad Mini 2: 0.5"

  • How much does it weigh?

Compose Long/Short:  4 oz.

Nomad Play: 5 oz.

Nomad FLeX: 4 oz.

Nomad Mini 2: 6.5 oz.

  • What are the difference in the brushes?

Each one of our brushes is highly conductive and glides effortlessly across any touchscreen device. The Nomad Compose is a dual tipped brush, with the Glide Bevel Tip on one end, and either a short or long bristle on the other. The Nomad FLeX is a single tipped brush, available with both long or short bristles. The choice between long and short brushes is purely a matter of user preference. Replacement tips are available on both the Nomad Compose and Nomad FLeX. The Nomad Play is a highly durable brush, designed just for kids - smaller scale and easy grip with fun designs and colors. The Nomad Mini 2 is our smallest and most compact brush - the brush tip is fully retractable and the small rubber nib is replaceable.

  • Will Nomad Brush scratch my screen? 

Absolutely not. Our bristles are made of soft natural and synthetic bristles and will not damage your screen.

  • Will it work with a screen protector?

Our brush has worked with some screen protectors and not with others. For best results we recommend using the Nomad Brush without a screen protector.

  • What devices are compatible with the Nomad Brush?

Our brushes will work on any capacitive touch screen device, including the iPad (all generations), iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Galaxy, Kindle Fire and Surface.

*Not compatible with Wacom devices.

  • Does Nomad Brush require power?


  • How do I care for my Nomad Brush?

Do not crush or flatten bristles.  Do not use with paint or ink and avoid contact with solvents and oils.

  • Some of the bristles are coming out.

This is normal. You can expect some bristles to come out during normal use. It will not affect the performance of the brush.

  • Where are your brushes made?

The Compose, FLeX and Play brushes are made in the United States.  The Nomad Mini 2 is made in China.


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