What NomadBrush users are saying!

"The Nomad Brush is an ideal input device for all tablet computing! The Nomad Brush provides a subtle feedback that is more graceful than a finger and far more gentle and tactile than a traditional stylus. Thank you for an amazing product!" James M.

"The Nomad Brushes are by far the most amazing styli (if they can even be called that) for my iPad. I don't know what the magic is about those bristles but they work amazingly well. The length of the brush makes it especially good to work with...all the rubber-tipped ones are short...this is half again as long and it makes a huge difference." Deborah O.

"Great work! Love my Brush." Cathy M.

"I just received my Nomad Brush and I have to admit at first I was a bit skeptical. Then I began to use it and all I could do was marvel at your creation. It is simply magical!"
Rudy V.

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the Nomad Brush. It gives me the same freedom of real painting but with more control than using my finger as a stylus on the iPad. Thanks so much for the great product!"
Monique L.

"Truly the mesh of technology and magic! Thank you so much for having this idea and making it happen!"
Shirley D.

"I just bought the short bristle version of the Nomad Brush and it is terrific. It feels and has the weight of a 'real' paintbrush." -Joan G


"Rainy night, fireplace crackling, working on concept renderings for @pbjs on the iPad using my new nomadbrush capacitive stylus... heaven."  -Adam R.

"Arrivedddd!!!!!!! Thanks a lot @nomadbrush your brush are pure awesomeness!!!!!" -Patricia

"Nomad Brush scores a 10! Best iPad stylus for working with art apps." -Sue C.

"Just got my @nomadbrush today. Holy cow, does this thing change how I paint on my iPad! Way-freaking-cool!" -Joseph J

"Just got my NomadBrush - it's BRILLIANT!"  -Bharati

"Wow the @nomadbrush is pretty amazing - I didn't think it could work!" - J.Dorf

"Hey @nomadbrush I love the brush! Beautifully crafted & silky smooth." -Leah  P.

"First impressions of @nomadbrush are excellent. Very impressed. Way better than styluses for drawing/painting." -Greg N.

"@nomadbrush Hey Don, just got the Nomad Brush. One word: Amazing!" -Joe K.