Nomad Brush Introduces the First Compact Paintbrush Stylus for the iPhone or iPod Touch

16 September, 2011


July 14, 2011

Nomad Brush Introduces the First Compact Paintbrush Stylus for
the iPhone or iPod Touch

New Nomad Mini Works with Painting and Drawing Apps to Create Fine Art or Spectacular Doodles on Small Touchscreen Devices

PORTLAND, OR – July 14, 2011 Nomad Brush, inventors of the first handcrafted paintbrush stylus for touchscreen devices, introduces the Mil Series Nomad Mini for iPhone, iPod Touch and small screen digital canvases. The Nomad Brush, introduced in early 2011, received critical acclaim for blending traditional brush-making techniques with modern materials for painting on the iPad. The new Nomad Mini brings the same quality design, professional brush feel, and spectacular paintbrush results in a smaller form factor.

Featuring a shorter handle (4.5”) and brush (.3”), and stiffer bristles than the original Nomad Brush, the Nomad Mini is designed for smaller digital touchscreens. The Nomad Mini bristles are made from exceptionally conductive materials blended with natural fibers for the highest quality art (and doodle) creations. The walnut and carbon handle with soft, rubber ferrule cap is comfortable to hold and designed to never scratch the screen. The Nomad Mini allows for easy navigation and a natural way to create art on any capacitive touch screen device, such as the latest touchscreen phones from Google, Motorola, LG, HTC, Samsung, and others.

“The Nomad Mini was inspired by my wife, Anna, who wanted a compact brush that would allow her to paint anytime on the device she carries everyday,” said Don Lee, Nomad Brush inventor and chief executive officer. “We designed the Nomad Brush to be natural, comfortable and elegant, enabling both artists and doodlers alike to create stunning digital art productions on the smaller screen.”

Nomad Brush brings the natural texture and precision of using a paintbrush to any iPhone and iPad drawing app that supports finger or stylist creations. The company offers a list of recommended drawing apps here.

The Nomad Mini is available today for $19.99, and the original Nomad Brush is available for $24.00 at www.nomadbrush.