Nomad Brush Introduces Nomad Compose, the First Interchangeable Dual-Tipped Stylus for Flexible Digital Art Creation

13 October, 2011

PORTLAND, OR – October 13, 2011 – Artists are inspired by the events of everyday life, which is why Nomad Brush today introduced the Nomad Compose™, the first interchangeable, dual-tipped stylus, giving artists a customizable tool for every art-inspiring moment. The Nomad Compose features a short or long brush tip and the new Glide Bevel Tip, a hard tipped stylus that glides like a brush across the touchpad. Available today for $39.00 at, the Nomad Compose lets professional artists and novices alike create their stylus and create their art.

 Nomad Brush tapped its active artist community to gather feedback on the tools that artists need to create great digital art. Directly out of the community’s responses came Nomad Compose. The unique design of the Glide Bevel Tip and either short or long brush tip ensures artists can quickly access the preferred tip for any stroke on any touchpad.

 Nomad Brush has received early critical acclaim for its quality craftsmanship and superior responsiveness on a variety of digital screens:  

·       "The Nomad Brush is an ideal input device for all tablet computing. The Nomad Brush provides a subtle feedback that is more graceful than a finger and far more gentle and tactile than a traditional stylus.” – James M.

·       "Truly the mesh of technology and magic!” – Shirley D.

·       "The Nomad Brushes are by far the most amazing styli for my iPad. I don't know what the magic is about those bristles but they work amazingly well."  -- Deborah O.

 The Nomad Compose works on the iPad, iPhone, Android and all capacitive touchscreen devices, with any digital art app, including Adobe Eazel, ArtRage, Auryn Ink, and Zen Brush. Nomad Compose offers a distinctly unique set of designs and features:

·       Old world craftsmanship married with modern technology;

·       Hand crafted with all precision-milled aluminum construction;

·       Well balanced design, for comfortable digital art execution;

·       Soft rubber ferrule designed to never scratch the screen.

 “Resounding input from the digital art community helped us create a tool that gives artists the flexibility to swap out their tips or even have two distinct stylus tips in their hands at all times,” said Don Lee, Nomad Brush inventor and CEO. “We know that every artist’s styles and tools are different, which is why we created the one stylus that can be customized for artists to paint anywhere at any time.” 

 About Nomad Brush

Founded in 2011 and based in Portland, Ore., Nomad Brush invented the first paintbrush stylus for digital screens. The company is dedicated to inspiring and facilitating artists to create in their daily lives, wherever they are, with brushes for both large and small touchscreen devices, such as the iPad and iPhone. Nomad Brush is active in the art community by hosting, sponsoring and facilitating digital painting and design competitions and workshops. More information on Nomad Brush is online at