Nomad Brush Introduces the First Paintbrush Stylus Designed Just for Kids

21 November, 2011


Nomad Brush Introduces the First Paintbrush Stylus Designed Just for Kids

Nomad Play Makes Creating Digital Art Creations on the iPad, iPhone, and other Touchscreen Devices Easy, Fun, and Mess-Free for Kids 

PORTLAND, Ore. – Nov. 21, 2011 – Today’s tech-savvy and on-the-go families are always on the lookout for tools that encourage creativity, learning, and self-expression. Today, Nomad Brush introduces the latest product in its series of critically acclaimed products: The Nomad Play™, the first paintbrush stylus designed and scaled just for kids.

Not Your Parents’ Stylus 

The Nomad Play™ is handcrafted from maple, with a soft, rubber ferrule that won’t scratch the screen, and a contoured grip for little hands for easy art creation. It comes in four unique designs and colors engraved with playful graphics inspired by — and for — kids ages 3 to 8 who love to create: Astro (blue), Serengeti (yellow), Fireball (red), and Ivy (green). The Nomad Play™ is available today for $18 at

“Our family loves art and creating art together,” said Don Lee, founder and CEO of Nomad Brush. “When I received a first generation iPad for Father’s Day, I found it to be a great digital sketchbook, and the idea for Nomad Brush was born. We were amazed to discover how quickly our two young sons connected to the experience of digital art creation; since then, we’ve witnessed kids from across the country embrace their parents’ Nomad Brushes.

We are thrilled to introduce Nomad Play™ just in time for the holiday season— and to help make art, and the power of self-expression, even more accessible to a younger generation of artists.”

For the Next Matisse Without the Mess and the Next Picasso On-The-Go

The Nomad Play also brings other benefits to budding artists and their parents: eco-friendly art and mess-less art creation: no spilled paint, no wasted paper, and no messy hands to clean up afterwards.

The Nomad Play collection has been pre-tested by a panel of young artists and their parents — "The Play Patrol" — who share their passion for the product:

·       "I am an artist that makes dinosaurs!" - Beau, age 3 (Portland, Ore.)

·       "I like how easy it is to control the brush and that you can go do art in different places with it. I want one in every color!" - Piper, age 8 (Pasadena, Calif.)

·       "Our kids love the feel and weight of the Nomad Play, and the way it glides on the screen when they paint. And I love that there’s no mess to worry about, and no clean-up afterwards!” - Arpie, mom of Keira, age 7, and Calvin, age 3 (Chicago)

The Nomad Play works on the iPad, iPhone, Android and all capacitive touchscreen devices, with any digital art app, including these free apps for kids: Kids Doodle, Kids Paint HD, iDoodle 2 Lite, Doodle Buddy, Crayon Kids Painting, Coloring for Kids and more. Nomad Play offers a distinctly unique set of designs and features:

·       Handcrafted maple brush, customized to fit the growing grip of kids ages 3 to 8

·       Soft, durable bristles, with a ferrule that won’t scratch the screen

·       Old-world craftsmanship married with modern technology

·       Eco-friendly and mess-less: no spilled paint, wasted paper or messy hands

 About Nomad Brush

Founded in 2011 and based in Portland, Ore., Nomad Brush invented the first paintbrush stylus for digital screens. The company is dedicated to inspiring and facilitating artists to create in their daily lives, wherever they are, with brushes for both large and small touchscreen devices, such as the iPad and iPhone. Nomad Brush is active in the art community by hosting, sponsoring and facilitating digital painting and design competitions and workshops. More information on Nomad Brush is online at