Nomad Brush Annouces Its Support for The Lumen Prize

02 July, 2012

We are proud and excited to announce our support for the world’s first digital fine art competition: The Lumen Prize. The competition is looking for work of exceptional merit that has been created wholly, or in part, with the use of digital devices, such as a tablet, smartphone, digital camera or computer.

Its international panel of judges will choose a shortlist of works and three top winners which will form the heart of a global tour which will travel to venues in Hong Kong, China, Eastern Europe and the US in 2013.

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Nomad Brush - 2011 Macworld EDDY Award Winner

05 December, 2011

There have been a veritable plethora of styluses flooding the market since the iPad’s release in 2010. Some target writers, some focus on navigation, and others—like the Nomad Brush—seek to help you create works of art through painting and drawing. There are many styluses in this category as well, but the Nomad Brush eschews the typical aluminum-and-rubber-nib trappings of most pens on the market for a more traditional look and feel: The company’s original Nomad Brush, from almost every angle, resembles a traditional watercolor paintbrush.

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Nomad Brush Introduces the First Paintbrush Stylus Designed Just for Kids

21 November, 2011

Today’s tech-savvy and on-the-go families are always on the lookout for tools that encourage creativity, learning, and self-expression. Today, Nomad Brush introduces the latest product in its series of critically acclaimed products: The Nomad Play™, the first paintbrush stylus designed and scaled just for kids. 

Not Your Parents’ Stylus

The Nomad Play™ is handcrafted from maple, with a soft, rubber ferrule that won’t scratch the screen, and a contoured grip for little hands for easy art creation. It comes in four unique designs and colors engraved with playful graphics inspired by — and for — kids ages 3 to 8 who love to create: Astro (blue), Serengeti (yellow), Fireball (red), and Ivy (green). The Nomad Play™ is available today for $18 at


Fun and functional iPad accessories

11 November, 2011

By Suzanne Kantra,

From functional to frivolous, there are a lot of great accessories for Apple’s iPad and iPad 2. Here are some of my favorites.

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Nomad Compose Released!

01 November, 2011

Nomad Brush Introduces Nomad Compose, the First Interchangeable Dual-Tipped Stylus for Flexible Digital Art Creation.

Artists are inspired by the events of everyday life, which is why Nomad Brush today introduced the Nomad Compose™, the first interchangeable, dual-tipped stylus, giving artists a customizable tool for every art-inspiring moment. The Nomad Compose features a short or long brush tip and the new Glide Bevel Tip, a hard tipped stylus that glides like a brush across the touchpad. Available today for $39.00 at, the Nomad Compose lets professional artists and novices alike create their stylus and create their art.

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MobileArtCon 2011

12 September, 2011

First 50 Registrants will receive a free Nomad Brush.

iAMDA’s MobileArtCon is back and on the move in NYC for a 2nd year!  Hosted by NYU’s prestigious ITP Department (aka the school for the “recently possible”), this year’s conference, themed “On the Move”, will serve as a creative retreat and platform for exciting new projects and collaborations for mobi-digi artists worldwide.

Official MobilArtCon 2011 

Arts in Education Week

10 September, 2011

Calling all young artists! National Arts in Education Week starts this Sunday. We’ll be posting daily updates of kid-created art, art challenges & resources, and giving away Mini brushes all week. Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter for details...

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Nomad Brush Digital Paintbrush for Touchscreens – iPad Accessory Review

05 September, 2011

I recently tested the Nomad Brush, a handcrafted paintbrush stylus for touchscreens, which comes in three styles: the original (long tip), the short tip, and the Nomad Mini — the newest model that is designed primarily for smaller devices such as the iPhone or iPod touch.

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ZDNet UK Review: Innovative Capacitive Styluses

19 July, 2011

 An alternative approach comes from Nomad, with its $24 Brush. Looking just like a paintbrush with a wooden handle, the Nomad Brush is designed for artists working with tablet devices. Its conductive strands give it the feel of a traditional bristle brush — which means you'll need to remember that the paint on-screen is down to the brush settings of your application, not the Nomad. That can be a little confusing, but it's something you get used to very quickly. The Nomad Brush is targeted at a very specific market, but it was still our favourite of the styluses we tested: it's comfortable, innovative and very easy to use. Three versions are available: a mini brush, and long- and short-tip full-size brushes.

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Process + Prototype

01 June, 2011


Nomad Brush to be featured at ADX from June 2-5. Open to the public June 3-5. Stop by and see how the Nomad Brush came to be. We'll also be handing out FREE brushes on June 3rd starting at 6:00 pm (quantities are limited). See you there!